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Our cozy apartment is on the Left Bank in the 5th arrondissement of Paris around the corner from the Panthéon and beside St. Étienne du Mont--whose bells peal beautifully throughout the day. (We're told that there's been a church on this spot since around 542 A.D. St. Étienne is the church of Ste. Geneviève, the patron saint of Paris, who deterred Atilla the Hun from entering Paris during his European siege and ever since, the French have turned to her during times of stress and danger...)

Our location is very villagey with winding cobblestone streets, lots of restaurants, music, and university people (since it's quite near the Sorbonne). The Place Maubert, at the bottom of the hill, has a market every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and the Place also has a charcuterie, poissonnerie, fromagerie, and wine store, as well. The best boulangerie in Paris (in our opinion--justified perhaps by the long lines always out the door) is around the corner on rue Monge.

The Jardin du Luxembourg is about a five minute walk away. Notre Dame and the Seine are about a ten-minute walk down the hill. Of course, once you're on the Ile de la Cité (site of Notre Dame), it's easy to cross over to the Right Bank and find the Louvre, the Marais, the grands magasins, etc.